619 Lafayette Rd N
Suite 311
St. Paul, MN 55130

Office: 612-299-1990

Fax:  612-299-1991

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24-Hr Emergency: 612.839.6856

Our Partners

F. R. Bigelow Foundation. We would like to graciously thank F. R. Bigelow for their financial support of our Trap Ride program and look forward to an on-going successful relationship. Without them, Trap Ride would still just be a great idea in theory.

St. Paul Foundation. We thank St. Paul Foundation for believing in what we are doing and offering generout financial support to us. We look forward to a continued partnership in making Trap Ride a huge success.

Emware Emergency Systems Inc. We would like to send our special thanks to Emware for donating a large piece of our infrastructure in the form of a dispatch management system and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

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