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Bob Parrott:


Minnesota emergency communication team regrets to announce that we are no longer participating in the project lifesaver program for the following reasons lack of public support. If you need assistance please contact Project Lifesaver International.


Alarmingly, individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease (or a related dementia disorder), Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, traumatic brain injuries or cognitive impairments may have a tendency to wander from home.

In fact, all too often either through television news or the daily paper we hear or read about a love one who has wandered from their home, school, or other location.  Sadly, not all return home safely.

But there is hope.  Project Lifesaver International, can make a difference in bringing your loved one home safely.  Project Lifesaver can provide peace of mind to the family of vulnerable loved ones.  The Project Lifesaver system has assisted in over 3,065 searches with a 100% success rate and an average search time of thirty minutes.

By enrolling in the program, participants in the Project Lifesaver program wear a special wrist or ankle bracelet equipped with a personalized transmitter which emits a silent tracking signal. If the client wanders, caregivers can call 911 or Bob Parrott (651.285.0269) to activate a Search & Rescue Team (SAR Team) to find their missing love one.

Project Lifesaver video here.